How to build your first Mechanical Keyboard

I built my first mechanical keyboard from scratch! Learn how I did it.


I hope this guide has covered all of the topics and questions any hopeful custom keyboard enthusiast may have had! I know I was very intimidated by this project to start, but once I was able to get the various pieces together it became quite simple. I told myself throughout the entire process that I wished there was a guide like this, so I was determined to make one to help out others.

I am very proud of my work and show it off at my day job all the time, some folks even going out of their way to compliment my keyboard and my handiwork. That feedback definitely inspires me to continue building my keyboards, and I find the work very fulfilling on a personal level.

This project write-up has become very long winded, which you would know if you made it this far. The next pages are a more ‘technical’ step by step guide without my thoughts mixed in, as well as a full Bill of Materials (BOM) that you can use as a guide for your purchases. Thank you so much for reading this, and please leave any comments and questions below, especially if I left out any steps or details.


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