Sort Visualizer

I haven’t quite figured out how to post it directly to WordPress, so you’ll have to follow the link below

One thing that I always liked about introductory programming classes was the ‘sorting dances‘ the instructors would have students perform. These were fantastic ice breakers, got people off of their feet, and also helped to visualize how the algorithms work.

I find that colors sorting via a predictable algorithm is also very pleasing to watch. So I went and made an application that will sort randomized color arrays that folks could watch.

It is also a great showcase for the efficiency of various algorithms. You can see just how slow Bubble Sort is, or try to keep up with more complicated, yet better sorting methods.

For a lot of great information on sorting algorithms, check out!

You’ll notice some glitches and other issues with the visualizer. I haven’t touched it in years and as you can see it needs some work. Eventually I’d love for it to act as some sort of ‘art installation’ so hopefully I can spend time on it in the future.


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